Past Articles in Opinion

  1. Mailbag: Worlds Outside the US, Overuse Injuries

    Do we need to start worrying about players getting hurt?

  2. Tournament Talk: What We Learned in Emporia

    Storylines galore coming out of Emporia.

  3. Tuesday Tips: Building A Bag [Think Shots, Not Discs – Pt. 6]

    Now, we put it all together.

  4. Tuesday Tips: Building A Bag [Forehand Discs – Pt. 5]

    Is there even such a thing?

  5. Mailbag: Multi-Manufacturer Sponsorships, Dream Locations for a Disc Golf Course

    Welcome to Ultiworld Disc Golf’s mailbag!

  6. Tournament Talk: Jonesboro Results Gives Two Players An Advantage At Pro Worlds

    The Arkansas tournament serves as a bellwether.

  7. Tuesday Tips: Building A Bag [Utility Discs – Pt. 4]

    Sometimes, you need a very specific shot. It can be helpful to have a very specific disc.

  8. Mailbag: 2001 USDGC Roc Minted as NFT, Mini-less McBeth

    Would you buy a digital disc?

  9. How Cleaning Up My Yard Fixed My Putting

    A little bit of landscaping went a long way in my practice routine

  10. Tuesday Tips: Building A Bag [Adding a Driver – Pt. 3]

    Drivers are tools, not requirements.

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