1. Q&A with the PDGA on the New Gender-Based Division Eligibility Guidelines

    Last week, the PDGA announced new gender-based division eligibility guidelines that effectively bar transgender women from elite competition and tighten restrictions at lower levels of…

  2. Five Questions for Eagle McMahon

    Checking in with Eagle.

  3. The Upshot Interview #26: Casey White [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    Casey White joins us!

  4. The Upshot Interview #25: JohnE McCray [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    JohnE McCray is back!

  5. The Upshot Interview #24: Holyn Handley [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    Josh Talks to Holyn Handley!

  6. The Upshot Interview #23: Jeremy Koling [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    Big Jerm!

  7. The Upshot Interview #22: Garrett Gurthie [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    Double G!

  8. The Upshot Interview #21: Aaron Gossage [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    The Coloradan is playing the best disc golf of his life right now.

  9. The Upshot Interview #19: Sean Jack & Shawn Mercy [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    OTB Open is pushing the entertainment envelope.

  10. The Upshot Interview #18: James Conrad [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    We catch up with the 2021 world champ.

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